PrintLimit Print Release Station -- Price


PrintLimit Print Release Station is licensed per print release station (either Primary Print Release Station or Replica Print Release Station). Each Print Release Station can be used by unlimited users and unlimited workstations.

¥3360 / print release station

The price / print release station covers:

1, One PrintLimit Print Release Station permanent license (one-time fee for long-term use), and

2, The following Free Add-on that are unlimited in use, and

3, One year maintenance and updates (e.g. -> 9.0.0.x).

Optional Add-On

Optional Free Add-On Printer Usage Report 4.0 can generate reports in any language. It can be installed on any computer.

Optional Free Add-On Popup 1.0 provides the following additional features:

  • Print job notification;
  • Allows users to change the print job name (description) for privacy;
  • Allows users to create a user ID and (or) password that they will use to release their print jobs on the print release station.

Optional Free Add-On Remote Cashier 1.0 allows to add / remove / edit prepaid account remotely.